DIY: Yarn Locs

DCN Yarn LocsI was searching for the best protective style for my budget and while searching on YouTube I saw a video on Yarn braids (Genie Locs) by BlackOnyx77.  It seemed very easy and more importantly economical because I couldn’t dish out over $150 for braids.



  • 2 Skeins Red Hart Acrylic Yarn (available from Wal-Mart, Meijer, or Hobby Store)
  • Combs for parting and detangling
  • Clips for sectioning hair
  • Moisturizing spritz of braid spray
  • Hair butter
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Spray bottle

Prep: Wrap the yarn around the back of a chair and cut to make even pieces.  Spray the yarn with moisturizer (or plain water).

Start with stretched hair that has been cleansed and detangled.  It is a good idea to do a protein treatment before protective styling, but this is not required.  Part the hair into four – six sections and clip each section in place.  Starting in the back working from the bottom to the top of each section begin braiding.  You can use either the two or three strand method, I like to use the 2 strand method around the edges and the 3 strand method  in the middle (these methods are explained in the video).  To finish each braid tie a double-knot then burn and crimp each end.  Depending on how fast you braid, the process can take 8-10 hours to complete.

I absolutely love these yarn locs. I love that they look like locs without the commitment of getting locs.  I would suggest yarn braids to anyone wanting an economical and somewhat long-term protective style.  While this post specifically talks about braiding the yarn you can also twist the yarn as seen in this video.

BlackOnyx77 Yarn Braids Tutorial

Add’l notes: DO NOT USE WOOL YARN as this will lock your hair! Make sure you do not braid your hair too tightly; edges over everything.  Remember to wash, condition and moisturize your yarn braids as you would your hair.  You can buy a braid spray from the BSS or create your own using this easy DIY recipe.


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