Old-Fashioned Black Hair Superstitions


While reading and researching for the next meet-up I came across some hair myths related to Black hair and it made me think back to silly things I remember my grandmothers, great-aunts and god-mother said:


  1. Remove and burn the hair from the brush after you are done styling to prevent someone from hexing you.
  2. Don’t comb your hair outside or if a bird uses it for it’s nest you will go crazy.  Or that if you do comb your hair outside it is good carma if a bird uses it for its nest.
  3. Never allow more than one person to work on your hair or your hair will fall out.  You always keep the same stylist and if he is busy you wait until they have an opening.
  4. The “Growing Hand” is a label given to a stylist that is so good their manipulation of your hair will cause it to grow.
  5. If a pregnant woman styles your hair you will become pregnant also.
  6. If you cut a child’s hair before they can talk you will cut their speech.
  7. If you shave a child’s hair too soon it will grow back nappy.
  8. Once you cut your hair, place a lock in the Bible for good luck/protection.
  9. It is bad luck for a woman to cut a man’s hair.
  10. You should only cut your hair on a full moon in order for it to grow thick and healthy.

So there are a few from the book and a few I remember from my childhood.  What do you think about these myths? Do you follow any of these? What are some that you can remember?


10 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned Black Hair Superstitions

  1. I definitely remember hearing it was bad luck to have more than one person combing/styling your hair at once. Umm, yeahhhhh…whatever. The more people, the faster it gets done…especially when it comes to African Hair Braiding.

    • Don’t wash your hair after having a baby, your pores still open….now what pre’tell has my va-jayjay got to do with my hair on my head. :)

  2. This is too funny, all my friends laugh at me because at 47 I still burn most hairs that leave my head. I am even known to put the shedded hair in my purse/car/pocket until i get home….don’t want no birds giving me headaches living and sleeping on my hair, LOL…I know ridiculous, but old myths die hard. Guess I heard it so long ago as a child from my great g’ma I figured she had some wisdom.

    **Aint’ it funny how some of those old wives tales we take to heart, and others we just blow off as nonsense (or it just isn’t fitting because I wanna do things my way ; ) ……….)

  3. I am 27 and I have been burning my hair since I learned to do it myself and at the age of 7 i was suppose to hand it to my mom to burn. The burying the hair; when I was 17 I had my first haircut and I was instructed to bring it home to bury it. I’m from the west coast & my mother is from the Midwest, most people i knew from the west did not hear of such myths but I follow them til this day. Hey, better safe than sorry…lol..

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