Oh, Honey!


Honey.  The Bible talks about it.  Cleopatra used it.  Burt’s Bees entire product line is built around it.  So what is the deal around honey? In a word: amazing!

Honey aids hair in softness, suppleness and elasticity.  Honey is a humectant meaning it is a natural moisturizer that absorbs and retains water.  Honey can add shine and promote growth.  Honey is also naturally anti-bacterial so it will never spoil.  Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties as well.  And best of all honey is cheap and readily available.

So last night I decided to do a honey pre-poo as my hair was dry and tangled.  The results were fantastic so I had to share with all of you.  I used a vinyl shower cap because they are thicker and I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t slip off during the night.  I left the mixture on for a total of 9 hours.  When I woke up in the morning I got into the shower and rinsed my hair.  I then took down each section individually and shampooed and conditioned.  My hair felt incredibly soft, conditioned, smooth and less tangled.  

Honey Pre-Poo

  •  2 oz olive oil
  • 1 oz (2 Tbsp) honey
  • 2 oz Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner
  • 1 Color Applicator Bottle (found at a beauty supply store)

Heat olive oil in microwave safe bowl for 40 second in 20 second increments. Pour oil into bottle.  Rub a little oil into Tbsp then measure out honey and add to bottle. If your honey is in a squeeze container then squeeze directly into bottle.  Screw applicator nozzle onto bottle.  Place finger over tip and shake until mixed. Add conditioner and shake again.

Separate hair into four sections. Apply honey mixture to your scalp parting in 1 inch segments beginning at the nape of the neck. Massage the mixture into scalp then apply to full length of hair. Braid or bun each section then move to next.

Cover hair with plastic cap. Leave in hair for 20-30 minutes or overnight. Wash/cowash and condition as usual.  For more intense treatment sit under dryer or apply hot towel for 10-15 minutes.

Yields 5 oz which is enough for 1 application on thick medium length hair.


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