DIY Bra Strap Headband

While shopping at Wal-Mart this weekend I stumbled across an interesting find.  Goody is now selling bra strap headbands for $5.  Bra strap headbands are so cheap and easy to make yourself I couldn’t believe that they were being sold commercially.

I have attached a picture below of the Goody version.

I am a DIY’er at heart and many things I do out of pure necessity. I have used cloth belts, nylons, kiddie tights, ribbons, those clear straps to hold up a shirt or dress all for headbands.  I never thought of it as an ingenious way to make money.

I did a google search to discover that a lot of high end retailers such as H&M and Victoria’s Secret are selling them.  Good for them, but I believe that anyone can make them on their own at home.  The big appeal of the bra strap headband is that it is adjustable, just like you would adjust the straps to hold up your girls, so you can make it tighter or looser to fit your hair style.

To make a bra strap headband you can either use those extra straps that are included with strapless bras or cut the straps off of a bra that has seen better days.

If the strap still has the metal clasp on it you can use those to hook together in the back, slide the strap on your head and adjust the tightness.

Else if you don’t like the clasp and cut them off or you cut the straps off of your bra; then use some super glue (or hot glue) to attach the strap together to make the loop.  The best way to do this is to place the glue on one end of the strap then lay the other strap on top of it so it overlaps.  If you are handy with a needle you can also sew the straps together instead of gluing. (**Note: if using super glue be sure to have some acetone on hand just in case you glur your fingers together!)

And for my divas out there you can get even fancier by wrapping the connected piece with a strip of fabric and sewing or glueing over it.  You can also add buttons, flowers and other notions to doll up your headband.

I found a few easy DIY instructions here for those of you that need visuals.

This Goody BSH retails for $5

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