Product Review: Yes to Carrots Moisturizing Mud Mask

Yes to Carrots

Hair & Scalp Moisturizing Mud Mask

8.45 oz

I am a huge fan of Yes, to Carrots (I reviewed their shampoo and conditoner).  Their products are paraben, petroleum, SLS, SLES and mineral oil free and also contain lots of natural yummy stuff.

This mud mask is no exception and did not disappoint.  It is everything a DC should be: thick in texture, rich in nutrients and light in fragrance.  The mud mask is made specifically for both the hair and scalp so it is great for your dry hair issues and for itchy dry scalp too.

5 Things I Love About This Product:

1.  It has a light scent similar to baby powder.  If I am going to have a product on my hair for a long period of time then I do not want it to smell too strong.

2.  The product is very thick, so thick that when turned upside down it does not move.

3.  It is very scalp soothing.  I used it after having what I believe was possibly an allergic reaction or just scalp irritations and it made my hair feel simply delightful.

4.  It makes a great natural replacement for my oild school Chlosterol DC which I stopped using because it has petroleum and mineral oil.

5.  It rinses clean very easily and does not leave behind a coat or film.

Bottom line this is one of my favorite products and I am no longer searching for a DC as this will have permanent placement.  Side note: This product is discontinued but you can find it on Amazon.


One thought on “Product Review: Yes to Carrots Moisturizing Mud Mask

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