Product Review: Pura Body Naturals Murumuru Moisture Milk & Cupuacu Hair Butter

Pura Body Naturals

Murumuru Moisture Milk

8 oz$15.00 or 2 oz sample for $5.00

Cupuacu Hair Butter

4 oz, $14.00 or 1 oz sample for $5.00

I kindly received a sample of each of these products from Pura Body Naturals after posing a question over the “hype” of the “new” oils and butters in the natural hair market.  Pura Body Naturals products are formulated from exotic plants of the Amazon Rain Forest including murumuru, babassu, cupuacu, and tacuma.  The products are made using raw ingredients, blending essential oils and formaldehyde free preservatives.

The Murumuru Moisture Milk: Hair milks have hit the market in a big way and it seems like everyone is coming out with one.  Most moisture milk I have seen seem to be a mix of conditioner and shea butter while others are simply glorified Pink Lotion knock-off.  I was interested to know what was so great about this Murumuru Milk and what would set it apart.  The most appealing thing about this product is that it is shea butter free.  I like shea butter for my skin but it has a tendency to leave my medium porosity hair oily and ashen looking.

I used the milk to do a chunky braid out, on a wash-n-go puff and to moisturize my son’s short curls.

1.  I love that the product has a non-greasy feel while you can tell it’s moisturizing it does not leave a film.

2.  It had a light lemon scent which makes it great for both male and female use.

3.  On my braid out it performed as well as other products I have used.

4.  On my sons hair it kept the hair moisturized and it was till soft when he came home from school.

5.  On my wash-n-go puff is where I saw the most impressive results.  I used this product alone on my hair in the middle with temps as low as 20 degrees.  My hair was soft moisturized but also protected.  It kept my hair from drying out but it did not feel coated.

Cupuacu Hair Butter: There are a variety of hair butters on the market and they all seem to have the same formula of a shea base with added oils and/or aloe and a nice scent blend.  This butter however contains, Cupuacu, Murumuru, Mango, Illipe, Organic Shea Butters along with a variety of oils and herbs.

I used this butter to slick back the edges of my puff, as a pomade on my sons waves, as a hair grease and to take down my twists.

1.  The product feels like a non-sticky pomade or a thicker hair grease.  The scent is light and natural smelling but not as “earthy” as pure shea butter, also great for both male and female use.

2.  As a pomade to slick back my edges it did an okay job.  For my looser curl pattern I needed a little more stickiness. I did like that it absorbed nicely into my hair and did not leave a gunk or film.

3.  As a wave pomade on my son’s hair it worked great!  His waves were smooth soft and shiny.

4.  As a hair grease this also worked wonderfully.  I lightly sprayed my hair with water or got it slightly damp in the shower, then I applied to my scalp.  It absorbed nicely and took care of my itchies.

5.  I applied this product to my finger-tips in order to take down my twists for a twist-out.  It gave my hair a nice sheen.


*BONUS* I used the hair butter on my dry hands and it worked wonders!  Even with my frequent hand washing my hands were still moisturized and ash free.

If you have an interest in trying new products I would suggest you snatch up the $20 Hair Samply Pack which includes:

1 oz Cupuacu Hair Butter

1 oz Amazon Hair & Body Butter

2 oz Murumuru Moisture Milk

2 oz Sapote Hair lotion


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