Product Review: Curls



This is a wide-sweeping review of several products by haircare line Curls the labor of love by Mahisha Dellinger.  These products contain no paraben, sulfates, silicone, mineral oil, artificial coloring or animal by parts.

5 Things I Love About Curls:

1.  They have specific product lines for babies, kids and adults.

2.  This company regularly interacts with its customers on twitter, facebook and through email which shows their commitment to customer service.

3.  Curls is ALWAYS giving away free samples of their products whether it is with your order, to support a meet-up, for a review or just to try out.

4.  Their products smell delicious like frosting, juice, smoothies but are not overpowering.

5.  Curls has detailed instructions online for how to use their products and in what order.

Curlicious Cleansing Cream

8 oz /$15

This shampoo is unlike any other poo I have ever seen.  Is is creamy like a lotion and sud-free yet actually cleanses the hair without feeling dry or stripped.  I received a sample of this curl cream free with my purchase.  It will be added to my regimen on my next haul.

From their website: This creamy, sulfate free cleanser is gentle enough to use daily and is super moisturizing. Ideal cleanser for curly hair. Great  for chemically altered and color treated hair. Can use daily, if necessary.

Coconut Sublime Conditioner

14 oz/$16

This is probably the most popular product from this line.  This conditioner smells like a tropical coconut-lime beverage and leaves the hair feeling soft and moisturized.  It provides enough slip for detangling which is surprising considering it is a thick conditioner.  I took this condish with me to the Paul Mitchell salon when I went to get my hair cut (much to the dismay of those in charge) however all the stylist RAVED over how good it smelled and that it was a natural product. Great product for wash-n-go styles.

Curls Milkshake

8 oz/$18

A light hair lotion without hold that provides hydration and softens dry hair.  Perfect daily moisturizer for fine or thin hair but it also make a great leave-in for those with thick or coarse hair.  This is a moisturizer not a curl definer so do not count on it to make your curls “pop” as that is not what it is designed for.  I would say to use this in the same style you would old school pink lotion.  I also believe this is a great lotion for transitioners or those with TWA who are looking for daily moisturizer.

Cashmere Curls

8 oz/$20

This is the “new kid on the block”, a moisturizer and curl definer.  I received a free sample of this product from curls twitter giveaway.  While $20 for 8 ounces is kind of pricey you really only need a little bit of this product.  You can use the product alone but the company encourages you to mix it with their other products.  I found that mixing it with the curls milkshake gave me great results.  I applied the product to my hair and then did a few finger doodles to encourage small twirls and I really liked the results.

So here are the results of my Curls hairstyle.  I cleansed my hair with the Curlicious Cream, then conditioned with Coconut Sublime Conditioner, applied Cashmere Curls then scrunched in a little Curls Milkshake.  I used two hair combs on each side (total of four) to coax my hair into a faux-hawk then did a few finger-doodles around my head to create a few defined curls.


7 thoughts on “Product Review: Curls

  1. Horray! Thank you for the link, I love this product! (I have been trying to comment for months and have been having major issues logging on, so horray that I could log in as well.)

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  5. I wasted $18 dollars on the curls milkshake only to return to my Cantu grow strong used as a leave in and grease and water with stellar results. The milkshake left no moisture in my hair even though I used it with water. Never again.

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