#NoBareLips30 Cycle 3 Week 4

I was traveling last week so I was unable to post my recap for week two and post on week 3. Remember for the most up to date info on #NoBareLips30 to follow @KeikoKaveri on Twitter, IG, blog, FB and Tumblr.

Here is a recap of my week 3 looks:

No Bare Lips 30 Week 3 recap

My favorite look from week three was Vamp (lower left) which was achieved using 320 Mahogany x New York Color lined with Blue Divine eyeliner x Jordana. I wanted a liner that was deeper than my lipstick and I don’t own a lip liner that dark however this deep blue eyeliner came thru.

As a side note I want you all to check out Color Us Beautiful which is a movement dedicated to showcasing women of color in all our beauty. Such a positive movement I can really get behind. I will have a future post with the creator Duana soon.

No Bare Lips 30 Schedule for Cycle 3 Week 4

  1. Sunday 1/25 Easy, go-to lip color
  2. Monday 1/26 Ombre
  3. Tuesday 1/27 Brown
  4. Wednesday 1/28 Work lip
  5. Thursday 1/29 Celebrity look
  6. Friday 1/30 Burgundy
  7. Saturday 1/31 90s lip trend

NBL30 Wk4

We are in the final stretch of #NoBareLips30 challenge, let’s finish strong!  Try your best to participate daily and do not be afraid to tweet the hashtag or post on fb if you need help. You can follow me on instagram @HereIsMySpout.

#NoBareLips30 C3W2

Hey yall we have now made it to Cycle 3, Week 2 of #NoBareLips30 Challenge.  In case you don’t know #NoBareLips30 is a simply challenge started by Keiko Kaveri to wear lipstick every day for thirty (30) days.

Here is a recap of my lips from week one.
wpid-photogrid_1421005933944.jpgMy favorite look from week one was Date night (upper-left corner) which is A041 Ferguson Crest Cabernet x Wet n Wild lined with Purple Fusion x Jordana. I just love this color combo. And I was also totes excited to pull off the peach lip (bottom-center) which I created by mixing together 5001B Tropical Sunburst with a dab of 5014 Reggae Red both x Black Radiance this is a look that will be revisited.

I saw a few questions on the hashtag that I wanted to answer here on the blog in case you have these issues as well.

  1. Transferring. This is when your lipstick gets on everything that touches your mouth.  In my experience the cheaper brands tend to to do this more than my pricier ones however there is a trick to help set your lipstick. After applying lay a single sheet of tissue over your mouth and lightly dust your lips with powder.
  2. Dryness. The weather is cold, the wind is blowing and the air is dry which all wreak havoc on your lips.  Start by using your favorite lip balm before applying your lipstick this will keep your lips moisturized from the start. Don’t forget to moisturizing them again throughout the day.
  3. Peeling. My skin peels a lot this time of year especially on my lips. You gotta exfoliate your kisser. Use a lip scrub which is a mix of sugar and oil to slough away the dead skin. You can also use your wash cloth and warm water and rub your lips in a circular motion, I do this every morning.

Here is the schedule for Cycle 3 Week 2

  • Sunday 1/11 Orange.
  • Monday 1/12 Work Smarter, Not Harder. A simple makeup look that looks complicated
  • Tuesday 1/13 Gold.
  • Wednesday 1/14 On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.
  • Thursday 1/15 Red.
  • Friday 1/16 Purple.
  • Saturday 1/17 Beauty Inspiration.

NoBareLips30 Wk 2 Calendar


As always just do your best to participate every day and most of all have fun.  If you have any questions you can tweet using the hashtag #NoBareLips30 and someone will try to help.  Here are some of my fav lips from week one on IG Phaxsimile, JustJali, and Such_a_frknlady. Follow me and all my lippie looks on instagram @HereIsMySpout.

#NoBareLips30 Cycle 3

Its that time again ladies, time to put your best lippie forward and stunt! Yes it is #NoBareLips30 season.

It is because of this challenge that I learned I could pull off a lippie.

It is because of #NoBareLips30 challenge that I learned I could pull off an orange lippie. Wearing Black Radiance 5116 Tiger Lily

What is #NoBareLips30?

#NoBareLips30 is a simply challenge started by Keiko Kaveri to wear lipstick every day for thirty (30) days.  This is my third time participating in the challenge and it is not only a lot of fun and a way to make new e-friends, but you will also learn makeup tips and tricks.

How do you participate in #NoBareLips30?

Simply post a picture with you wearing a lippie (lipstick, lip gloss, liner, etc) and use the hashtag #NoBareLips30.  You can post this on any social media platform facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, etc.  It also helps if you include what you used to achieve the look: name of liner, lipstick, gloss, how you applied it, where you bought it, etc.

Are there rules associated with #NoBareLips30?

The first cycle was a freestyle post what ever lip look you chose. The second cycle each day had a theme like On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink (homage to Mean Girls). This cycle does have theme days, see the first week posted on KKs blog, however do not be discouraged if you do not have the particular lip color or think you cannot wear a color. Be brave and be inspired by the posts of others.

  • Sunday 1/4 How did you hear about #NoBareLips30
  • Monday 1/5 Lipliner do an all liner look.
  • Tuesday 1/6 Cuddles, what color makes you think of cuddles
  • Wednesday 1/7 Choose your color
  • Thursday 1/8 Date night look
  • Friday 1/9 Electric lip
  • Saturday 1/10 Peach lip (Tip mix orange and nude lipstick to make a peach color or you can blend peach eyeshadow with lipgloss)

Most of all just do your best to participate every day and most of all have fun.  If you have any questions you can tweet using the hashtag #NoBareLips30 and someone will try to help. You can also do what I do and ask my friend and makeup artist @Calbear95 she is a true makeup guru and loves to help. You DO NOT have to wear fancy expensive brands, I wear mostly Wet n Wild lippies, they are inexpensive and I like them. If you see a color you like by a more expensive brand don’t be afraid and ask for a dupe (cheaper knockoff). Follow me and all my lippie looks on instagram @HereIsMySpout.

Product Review: Thayers Witch Hazel Pads

Thayers Witch Hazel Pads

Thayers Witch Hazel Pads

60 pads, about $7

Available at drug stores, health food stores and online

ing: Purified Water, SD Alcohol 40-B (Natural Grain) 10%, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Certified Organic Filet of Aloe Vera), Hamamelis Virginiana Extract (made from Certified Organic Witch Hazel), Glycerin (Vegetable), Fragrance (Natural Witch Hazel), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Citric Acid.

Skincare is super important and creating a skin regimen that adjusts to the changes in your skin can be challenging.  Many of you found awesome products in your teens and just kept using them. I need y’all to do better.  One thing that should be included as part of your regimen is witch hazel. Witch hazel is a natural astringent that works to tone, cleanse and tighten the skin, read more about here.

Thayers Witch Hazel Pads are reminiscent of old school Oxy pads except they don’t feel like they are going to burn your face off.  I use them after cleansing my face nightly to make sure the excess oil and makeup are removed and to shrink my pores.  The cool soothing sensation is an amazing feeling.  I also take these pads with me while traveling for a quick facial cleanse when I cannot do a full wash.

5 Things I Love About This Product

  1. It cleanses gently without burning. I’ve used these to clean cuts and scrapes on my son without him hollering and wincing.
  2. You can actually feel your skin tightening after use however it does not feel excessively dry.
  3. The pads also soothe. After long days on the beach in the sun I wipe down my face with one of the pads it feels so good.
  4. The pads come in a plastic container so they won’t dry out.  The one thing I hate about face wipes is those packages is that they never stay sealed and they always end up drying out.
  5. My favorite thing is that the pads of a scrubby side and a smooth one. I like to use the scrubby side on my T-zone and the softer side on my cheeks and around the eyes.

I am sure some of you are thinking the product seems great but the $7 price tag is a bit expensive as compared to $3 alternative.  But I promise you it is worth it. Also using one pad a day this jar will last you for two months. You are worth it and your skin will thank you.

RIP Titi Branch, Miss Jessie’s Co-Founder

I woke up to the news this morning of the death of Titi Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s hair care line.

Titi Branch

Titi along with his sister Miko started Miss Jessie’s, named after their grandmother, in 2004.  The Brooklyn sisters were some of the early pioneers in the natural hair product business and achieved wide success in their salon, where they ushered curly-haired men and women to tame and treat their tresses.  Miss Jessie’s products were among the first to reach national distribution in major retailer Target.

The news that I have been able to gather from various sources is that Titi died of an apparent suicide approximately two weeks ago on December 4, 2014 from asphyxia, she was 45.  NV Magazine posted an obituary on their facebook page and there was also this video tribute posted by director Andre Robert Lee.

Titi Cree Branch, born June 10, 1969 is survived by her parents and sister Miko. Rest In Power.

Miko Branch Tweet

Black Friday, The Aftermath

So, let’s talk about Black Friday, whether you shopped Black, shopped small or not at all.  Many of you decided not shop as a form of political protest and I totally respect that.  I did the same thing that I do every year which is Black, small and women. Here is recap of my shopping experiences this year.

  1. I’m too old to stay up late. Yep I said it mama is tired. I took a nap just so I could get up and shop like I needed to and I didn’t even leave my house, lol.
  2. There were so many vendors I planned on patronizing until I got to their websites and found these common occurrences: discount codes were not working and shipping was an abomination.  I don’t know why business owners have such a terrible time with getting discount codes to work.  They should run a stress test on the system prior to launching.  And these shipping charges are absolute bullshit. I am not paying $10 to ship for 2 products. Nope. Bro you act like USPS priority flat rate boxes aren’t free and the prices aren’t published. I abandoned my cart on several websites.
  3. Vendors need to be up and active on social media. Props to Ayo of Soultanicals who was not only available and responsive in the midst of Black Friday she helped me select which products I should purchase based on my hair needs. Just for that I ended up spending more because I was so appreciative of her awesome customer service.


I placed 5 hair/beauty orders of the 10 I had planned. My best shopping experience was with Thank God I’m Natural. The website was simple to navigate, I had no hiccups in ordering and the product arrived by Monday, yes 3 days later, that was the best service period.  The next was with Coiffie, a gift for my mama, again easy to navigate, no hiccups and the product arrived on Tuesday I will definitely order from them again. And then there was Curls. Curls website was acting a fool and the code was not working. I was very frustrated as were many others on Twitter. Curls was completely absent from social media and unresponsive.  However the next morning everything was working, they did respond to our pleas from the previous night and I was able to place my order. My package arrived on Thursday which was still under a week. Also I ordered the salon size bottle of conditioner and my shipping was still under $10 y’all are playing with this shipping prices!

wpid-2014-12-11-17.11.22.png.pngMy remaining two orders that I have not received are from Soultanicals and Bekura (formerly BASK).  I would like to note that Soultanicals put a disclaimer stating it would take longer for orders to be received and that if you wanted products faster to purchase from another vendor that carries their product.  I actually planned on doing that, but the vendor I found sucked, website kept freezing and the discount code wasn’t working.  Like I stated before Ayo or Soultanicals was about her business so I’m willing to wait a little longer for my product.  As for Bekura I have no clue what they have going on. It was only a restock for me so I am no rush, however I would like to have my products by Christmas. We shall see.

I won’t badmouth the companies that failed.  I will just say that there are companies I have purchased from for years and was saddened by their failures. I do want to mention a company that acknowledged their mistakes and worked to make it up. The Mane Choice had their site crash and people were crying all over IG.  They have launched a Black Friday Replay sale today 12/12 40% off site wide, no coupon code required.  That is dope customer service.  Lastly, Pura Body Naturals products are still on sale thru 12/26. BOGO Free Sapote Hair Lotion, Murumuru Moisture Milk, Cupuacu Hair Butter and Chocolate Hair Smoothie. No coupon code required.


My Shero: Alia Atkinson

Ain’t no way I was going to let my busy schedule keep me from blogging about this lovely lady. Alia is literally living Black history, she will be on a Carl Mack calendar one day.  Not only is she exceptionally talented, but she is incredibly humble and so relatable. She is my new BFF in my head.

In case you missed it Alia Atkinson made history this past Saturday becoming the first Black woman to win a world title in 100m breaststroke. Alia represented her home country of Jamaica in the swimming competition and this was also the first win for the country as well. The look of surprise and elation on her face warms my heart. {Sidenote: can anyone guess what purple polish she is wearing in this pic, cuz I need it.}Alia Atkinson

SInce her win on Saturday I have been stalking the internet for all things Alia.  You can check out her website, facebook and twitter. I found some really cute video she did back in 2012 which gives a lot of insight into the life of an olympic swimmer as well as showcases her personality. She began swimming at the Y at age four, holds the record for being the second Black woman to win a NCAA swimming title. Alia swam in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece, 2008 in Beijing, China, and 2012 in London England.

Now is Alia natural? Honestly I have no idea. My guess would be that swimming and maintaining a perm while keeping hair on your head would be damn near impossible so I would think she is. I have seen pictures of her with straight hair that could be just a flat iron. I have also seen pictures of her wet hair that imply a curl or wave to it. I don’t really care either way I love that she is help breaking the stereotypes that Black girls don’t swim.

Check out this slide show from CNN on Women Sport Pioneers, including our niece and baseball phenom Mone Davis.